Women's Haircut

Whether you desire a cleanup trim or a completely new style, we can help you with either one. Please allow at least 60 minutes for a women’s haircut.

  • Starts at $40


Because we want your hair to look its best at all times, we are always delighted to tidy your fringe in between cuts. Please allow at least 15 minutes for a Fringe Trim.

  • $5

Men’s Haircut

For our short-haired guests who prefer a new style or look. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Men’s Haircut.

  • Starts at $20

Children’s Haircut  

Children under the age of 10 with a wash and a cut 

  • Starts at $15

Hair color

Single Process

A Single Process should be touched up at the roots every four to six weeks, and the ends generally need refreshing every eight to ten weeks

  • Starts at $70

Single Process Retouch

A Single Process should be touched up at the root every four to six weeks. 

  • Starts at $50

Double Process

If your hair is too dark to achieve your ideal color with a Single Process, then a Double Process is the solution for you! A Double Process is a two-step process that involves lightening the hair and then tinting it to the desired tone

  • Starts at $140


Glosses are an ideal way to try out a color that is brighter or deeper than your natural tone. They are less of a commitment than a Single Process, yet still long-lasting. Glosses are perfect for adding lots of shine to your natural color or highlights that may have lost a bit of their luster.

  • Starts at $55


Partial Highlight

With a Partial Highlight, selected sections of your hair are lightened to frame your face, add contrast to your hair color, or to add dimension to the color.

  • Starts at $75

Full Highlight

If a Partial Highlight isn’t enough for your hair, then a Full Highlight is another option. This option, highlights are cover your entire head, resulting in a more evenly distributed sparkling color.

Highlights should be touched up every six to eight weeks. 

  • Starts at $100

    • Balayage Starts at $105

    • Ombre Starts at $95


Single Foil Highlight

If you just want a small pop of color or refresh small pieces’; single foils may be just what you need. 

  • $5 per Foil

Color Correction

If you’ve made a mistake attempting to color your hair at home, or if your locks have been made a less than desirable shade, let us help with a Color Correction!

 A Color Correction may also be needed for guests making a drastic color changes. If you need a Single Processes, Double Processes, Partial Highlights and/or Full Highlights.

The price is determined by the complexity of the Color Correction. 

Please visit us for a consultation. 


Simply Beautiful

Longer Thicker hair and you are wanting simply look. Try the beauty blow-out! Perfect for when you want your style to look absolute flawless. 

  • Starts at $30


Bombshell Beauty

If you want your hair to be simply flawless for any big event, a full-on stylish Bombshell blow-out is for you! This is perfect for a number of different types of events and occasions, especially for women with longer, thicker hair. 

  • Starts at $45



Whether you want your hair to look sleek and chic or more tumbling and loose, aUpdo is the answer! Please allow at least 45 – 60 minutes for a Simple Updo.

  • Starts at $55


Bride Beauty

The latest in celebrity wedding style, beauty and trends that will help bring your dream day to life.

  • Consultation Required for Pricing


Hair Extensions

If you are wanting longer fuller hair, Extensions are like Magic. We offer several different types of hair extensions. We guarantee only Real Professional Quality Hair.

Free Consultation to determine the Price of Service

Texturing Services


A hairstyle produced by setting the hair in waves or curls and then treating it with chemicals so that the style lasts for several months.

  • Starts at $65

Brazilian Blow Out 

Our Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex and proprietary polymer system helps to improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft and smoothing the cuticle. This allows the stylist to customize every treatment for every client to achieve a smooth and sleek result, or to keep the curl and lose the frizz.

  • Starts at $200

Deep Condition 

We’re proud of our all products… but this transformative tube makes us sing from the rooftops. And you will, too, after just one encounter with Revitaluxe, which instantly repairs years of damage, doubles your resistance to future breakage, and protects against color fade (by 94%) with a single application. 

  • $30

Split End Mender 

PROFESSIONAL SPLIT END CORRECTION is a therapeutic and preventative treatment and cutting lotion all-in-one. 

Utilizing a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, this treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating, defending against daily styling and environmental stressors.
It’s the only in-salon service that instantly mends and prevents split ends while also preventing future splits to occur. It will last up to 4 weeks.  Perfect for prolonging the shape of your precision cut. The end result is instantly repaired, stronger, healthier ends protected against future breakage.


  • $45

Nail Services 

Natural Nails

  • Manicure: $20

  • Pedicure: $40

  • Shellac Manicure: $30

  • Shellac Pedicure: $65

  • Acrylic Nails

  • Full Set: $45+

  • Fill: $30+

  • White Tip: $35+

  • Colored Acrylic: $40+

  • Nail Repair: $3 per

  • Additional Nail Art: $10-20














1 Hour Facial done with Professional Image Skin Care Product.            

  • Starting at $50